Whittier Trust has been managing assets for individuals and their families for decades. We take a holistic approach, always seeking to better understand how all the pieces fit together.

In addition to top-tier internal management, we provide access to best-in-class outside managers. We refer to this combination as a “hybrid architecture”, providing the best of both worlds to the client through a proven and repeatable process.

We manage core assets in-house, including multiple styles of equities, fixed income, and real estate. The enhanced control gained from internal investment management allows us to customize portfolios, align investments with client values, enhance after-tax returns and better manage risk. 

External managers complement our internally-managed core strategies. By judiciously vetting external investment partners, we give our clients direct access to unique opportunities, and facilitate exposure to a diverse selection of investment vehicles.

We believe: 

  • The client always comes first.
  • Each client is unique and requires a tailored solution. 
  • An after-tax focus significantly increases the power of compounding. 
  • Owning high-quality assets leads to strong risk-adjusted returns. 
  • Wealth is enhanced through a long-term perspective. 
  • Private investments offer opportunities not available in public markets.

Our investment management process is client-centric. We begin with a thorough understanding of each client’s unique objectives, goals and constraints. We then thoughtfully combine each client’s specific objectives with the best ideas our research team has to offer in a tax-sensitive manner intended for long-term success. After the portfolio is constructed, we continuously manage the assets and provide clear, transparent and customized reporting to the client.


Your legacy is our business. To learn more about our asset management and investment services, contact us by phone or email.